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Yorkers Pest Control is your total AFFORDABLE RELIABLE QUALITY

source for Residential and Commercial pest control and extermination services.

With more than several thousand pest control operators, Yorkers Pest Control is not just another pest control company that walks around and sprays the base boards, but a company that actually takes the time to get to know you the client, and the apartment or living space, to developed an optimized pest control extermination treatment program that’s right for you and back it up with a warranty and guarantee that lives up to every letter of its words.


Our Pest Control Exterminators in New York City are required to have the highest level of consciousness and intelligence in the field of entomology, which means relentless study and years of on the job experience and training. It is the long term job experience in New York City, where the NYC pest control operator gets the highest level of experience and seasoning, and our technicians are at the top of their game in terms of experience, education and dedication.

With more than 8 million residents in Greater NYC, the ebb and flow of people ensure the pest population in New York City is high, but some people never experience these issues because they put into place the pest control prevention measures that are required in NYC to keep pest control issues in check. It is not enough to always just treat the symptoms of a pest problem, but to be conscious of what is necessary to prevent pest problems in all of New York City and our city is dealing with an epidemic of pest problems including bed bugs, roaches and rats. NYC is ground zero for these particular pests.


Quality of Management has been the secret of our ability to provide the best level of pest control service in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island – all of NYC. Having managers who are seasoned pest control experts is the root of providing top quality service and training for our pest control technicians. Our Pest Control technicians are required to read, study, go to seminars and always learn the most cutting edge techniques. Only having the most highly educated Pest Exterminators ensures we stay a step ahead of the pests and our competitors. We are proud of our service, and encourage you to call us now and let us learn more about your pest control issues.

Long Term Investment in NYC Pest Control pays back serious dividends, because the issue of pest control in New York City is not going away anytime soon, especially in our beloved NY city, which has the highest population density of humans in the United States, which means there will likely be pest control issues always and forever, but you don’t have to suffer from pests if preventive measures are invested in and followed vigilantly after we do treatment. Long term pest prevention begins at home and pays off big time. Ask us about what preventative measures you can take we will provide them for you in written format and explain them verbally.


The immediate extermination goal is to solve the problem during treatment one, and be ready to come back for treatment number 2 or X, we don’t care how many times it takes, but we will be OCD focused on solving your Pest Control issue on the first try and live up to the words of our guarantee. Its the first attempt that matter the most, its where 100% of focus defines how all future treatments will be done, its the first treatment that requires fanatical quality of service and you will see how we live up to our name as one of the best pest control companies in New York City.

If we solved your problem, we grow by word of mouth, which is the most important way to grow organically. Give us the opportunity to show you what it means to work with a pest control company in New York City that is a cut above the rest. We are NYC pride and that means we work to maintain the highest reputation.


Our pest control exterminator services are of the highest quality: All of our technicians are certified and registered with the state of NY. We work very hard and do an extensively thorough job helping to make your property or location a no pest zone.

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Our pest control exterminator technicians are well paid, the most professional, well trained, educated, clean-cut and courteous in the pest control industry. Our pest control staff are eager to earn your business and trust, the backbone of the company. We treat you with the utmost respect.

About Us


Our pest control service technicians and field biologists are trained to work sensitively in workplace environments. They use the minimum level of chemicals necessary, in line with our commitment to protect the environment and offer highly advanced pest treatments and reporting.



Our mission is to provide safe and effective Integrated Pest Management solutions to our residential, commercial and industrial clients.We are licensed, certified, registered, insured and bonded, members of the Entomological Society of America.


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